Friday, November 10, 2006

She said "Yes"!

Well, what did you expect? We are already married afterall :-)

The day was not ideal, though - I had to return to work to resolve a crisis which ruined my plans of spending the entire with my wife. But whatever time we did have was great...

I started off the day pretending everything was normal - that I was going to work, etc. I bought a bottle of wine as a "red herring" gift the night before, and she found it at breakfast time. I could tell she seemed a bit disappointed... so I played along and said that I thought there was a slight chance she would be disappointed even though she was really longing for a bottle of wine (since being in Singapore for 4mths, we haven't enjoyed the "luxury" of wine).

So I went off to work but instead took a different route to get some flowers. Alas! of all days, Sarah chose this day to look out the window waiting to wave goodbye and also drop a surprise chocolate bar down to me (10 floors down!) By the way, she calls it her "drop-off" point. Not seeing me after waiting and waiting, she called me wondering where I am. I said I was trying out a different way today and she was a bit surprised.

Eventually, she checked the laptop which I had setup to play the video. This led her to this blog and she found out the entire plot. Just as I had planned - only a few minutes earlier than I had expected. By this time, I was downstairs preparing to come up to propose with the flowers but she somewhat unravelled the plan by calling and asking if I was on my way home. How did she know?! Of course! I had described my plan in the blog!

In actual fact, it was me who unravelled my own plan. But it didn't matter - Sarah was thrilled nonetheless and when I asked her on my knees, with my two awe-struck girls as witnesses, she said 'yes'!


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