Monday, November 13, 2006

I nearly blew it!

I went off to work in the afternoon and left it to Sarah to make the dinner arrangements. In hindsight, this was not the most gentlemanly thing to do. Mistake #1.

Furthermore, I wasn't able to help settle the kids and left it all to Sarah. But she was graciously fine with it and wasn't stressed at all with juggling everything - all in time to come out to the city to meet me.

However, instead of making it easier for her and setting a right tone for the evening, I decided to take a bus to the restaurant since it wasn't far from the office. I was then foolish enough not to back my decision with a map and little did I know how obscure this place was to find. We were asking directions left, right and centre and after walking for 15mins up a hill in the dark, we finally found it.

Sarah was not at all impressed. I can see beads of sweat forming on her face. I blew it big time and almost managed to make it our last anniversary! BIG mistake #2.

Fortunately, the dinner experience was pleasant and helped reclaim some of the loss.

Next time, I will consider a limo...


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