Friday, October 13, 2006


My two little daughters have often wished, dreamt, and pretended to be flower girls. The older one was fortunate enough to actually be a flower girl for a friend's wedding. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be flower girls at your own Mom & Dad's wedding? For kids, the biggest source of security is the family (in fact this is true not just for kids), and they love as well as marvel at the fact that their mummy and daddy got married at a wedding - BUT THEY WEREN'T THERE TO SEE IT!! I have heard on a couple of separate occasions where children interrogated their parents as to why they weren't invited to the wedding!

As for the soft and sentimental me, I think it would be blissful to "re-enact" the wedding as a family - with my children as the flowergirls and their mother as the bride.


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